• LPLUS Online Examination

The LPLUS System

The LPLUS System® supports the whole of the examination process from the generation of tasks and preparatory training through to registering, holding and assessing examinations and archiving. The system is hosted on the LPLUS examination servers or on the customers’ own intranet sites. The pricing structure is customer focused and brings a rapid return on investment.

Product Overview

LTS Editor

The LPLUS TestStudio Editor provides a flexible way to generate tasks in standard and complex formats. Authors can work collaboratively and a comments function supports quality assurance across the process from creating tasks through to the first copy deadline.



LPLUS TestStudio3 offers a clearly structured user interface which is workflow-orientated and modular examination arrangements. Various export options and examination certificates are available for statistical analysis. Standard interfaces enable different formats to be quickly interchanged.

LTS3 Brochure


LPLUS TestStudio Pilots Examination Office fulfils all requirements demanded by the aviation sector. It supports different time zones, verifies eligibility and provides ECQB management and an EMPIC EAP interface.

LTS PEXO Brochure


LTS Trainer

The LPLUS TestStudio Trainer module enables you to configure content relating to different examination themes and then prepare the candidates for the exam in a more focused way.


LTS Register

The LPLUS TestStudio Register module manages the registration of individual candidates for examination or a whole cohort of students. It simplifies the administrative workflow and streamlines the whole process. It is possible to provide a link to the payment system.


LTS Exam2Go

The LPLUS TestStudio Exam2Go enables electronic examinations to also be held in remote locations that do not have internet connections.


System Structure

Funktions and Features

Question management

  • Supports complex and extensive bank of questions
  • Includes Comments functions
  • Quality assurance workflows
  • Automated review of the question bank before publication

Question design

  • Flexible question design for standard and complex task formats
  • Learning objective management and other structural elements

Results management

  • Automatic evaluation of many different types of tasks
  • Configuration options for the manual analysis of examinations
  • Efficient post-assessment tools (including graphics, correction marks)

Specific reports

  • Numerous reports and assessments
  • Customer-specific options
  • Flexible design / customisation of standard reports (branding) using effective templates

Statistical analysis

  • Examination-based performance indicators of classic test theory
  • Graphic editing
  • Examination certificates
  • Export function

Registration (LTS Register)

  • Workflows for candidate administration
  • Possible to link to the payment system

Examination procedure

  • Clearly structured user interface
  • Adaptive display for desktop and mobile devices
  • Flexible configuration of various tools (calculators, notepads etc.)
  • Editing functionality with background memory for free text tasks

Examination generation

  • Configurations based on existing structural elements
  • Secure transfer of tasks used
  • Revision of templates

Examination management

  • Flexible and adjustable examination settings
  • Modular examination regulations
  • Definition of the examination environment up to specialist levels


  • Scope of delivery: German and English
  • Additional languages can be added without any restrictions
  • Support in different time zones


  • Standard interfaces for content (QTI, CSV, XLS, XML)
  • Standard interfaces for candidates (XML, EMPIC EAP)
  • Generic interfaces for an examination’s raw data


  • Optional module for offline examinations (LTS Exam2Go)
  • Optional OMR module (paper-based examination papers)
  • Optional module for online training (LTS Trainer)

User administration

  • Master data management
  • Full examination history
  • External documents and validation options

Access control

  • Secure rights management system
  • Protected encryption technology
  • Legal security

Collaborative working

  • Role-based and team orientated task management
  • Comprehensive rights management system for access and change control
  • Electronic workflows