LPLUS is a Byword for Security


LPLUS is synonymous with exceptionally secure and flexible online examinations. More than 3 million individual computer-based examinations have already been carried out worldwide with the LPLUS system®. The name LPLUS is synonymous with effective examination management and the system enables customers to meet rigorous educational, technical and legal standards according to their specific requirements. A team of highly qualified IT experts, educators and project managers quickly and expertly grasp every new challenge.

More than 100 satisfied customers across the world from the training and development sector, commerce and industry, higher education institutions and the aviation sector value our know-how and put their trust in LPLUS solutions and innovations. We are the European market leader in pilot examinations and we also work in close partnership with the African, Chinese and Australian aviation authorities.

Areas of Application

Training and Development

There is a growing acceptance of electronic performance monitoring within professional training and development. In particular, examinations which are organised in a decentralised way and which have to be run at times of peak demand are increasingly benefiting from the strengths offered by LPLUS software. A number of professional examinations are now only offered online.

University Education

Now that electronic examinations can be taken for mass study programmes, this means that students no longer have to wait for months on end to receive their examination results; being able to give answers in flowing text makes examinations significantly quicker to assess. All scientific disciplines are suitable for electronic testing; assessment is becoming more objective and examination arrangements are becoming much more streamlined.


In the aviation sector, the LPLUS System® supports the global standardisation of training concepts and examination regulations. LPLUS is an expert partner of numerous aviation authorities and aviation schools that operate across the globe. Maintenance personnel and air traffic controllers can also be examined online with LTS PEXO alongside pilots.

Research and Development

Greater flexibility when studying. LPLUS is taking part in an EU-financed project called TeSLA alongside other international partners from the higher education and private enterprise sectors to develop an eAssessment system which guarantees authentication and authorship in online and blended learning environments. A step into the future – with TeSLA it will be possible to control examinations taken at home.